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Watering Restrictions - 2
As I drive to work, I note that every neighboring town I travel through (Ashland, Holliston, Medway) has watering restrictions signifigantly less onerous than Franklin's (odd/even, MWF etc). In Franklin, you can't even water on your one day a week until the evenings?Why is this?


From Bill Fitzgerald, DPW Director:

Water restrictions can be for numerous reasons. In Franklin's case, the total we can legally pump from each well on any given day as permitted by the Mass Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) is one limiting factor. Additionally, some wells have not been able to pump even the amount allowed because of lack of water or water quality issues.

Other communities may have very different reasons why they can live with different limits they impose.

Without the one-day-per-week restriction, we typically exceed the amount we can pump. Water tank levels start to drop, pressure drops, and fire protection is compromised.

Our recently completed water treatment plant will allow Wells #1 & #2 to pump much closer to their legal and physical capacities. These have been severely limited by high iron and maganese content--although not a health concern, a very aesthetic concern, producing red water that tastes bad and stains clothes and fixtures. This plant is now allowing us to lift the ban earlier than previous years.

We continue to seek new sources of water on numerous fronts, but very new DEP policies may restrict all communities in the Commonwealth to lawn restrictions such as Franklin's. Environmentalists argue that wells are depleting stream flows and fish habiat, and that lawns are "non-essential".

It is a very complicated issue, and feel free to contact Bill Fitzgerald at the DPW for further clarification (; 508/520-4910)


See the Town Crier Notice on our website about the lifting of the water-ban and helpful hints on starting new lawns.

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